1. Go to
  2. Copy and paste in the following DERPy items below
  3. PROFIT!

Or just be lazy and download GunDERPBingoFullGame – Copy

Punisher Skull on Carry Gun
Open Carry without Retention
XD Pistol
“I don’t need any hand to hand crap I’ve got MUH GUN!”
No performance measurement in practice
“Shotgun racking sound scares away bad guys!”
Karambit Knife
Car Mounted Holster
Leaving unsecured gun in the car
Uncle Mike’s Holster
Paddle Holster Worn Outside the pants
Anything Kel-Tec
Empty Chamber Carry
Skinny belt
No holster in purse/briefcase when off body carrying
Small of Back carry
Hi-Point Pistol
Ruger Semi-Auto Pistol
Ball ammo in carry gun
Concealed Weapons Permit Badge
Sidecar Holster
Holster with no firing grip
Plastic over the belt clip on kydex holster
Urban Carry Holster
Sayoc Kali
Mexican Carry
Alien Gear Holster
Hybrid Holster
Repeated Administrative holstering and unholstering when getting out of and into the car
No Medical Training
No medical equipment
No spare magazine
No pepper gas
No flashlight for home defense
No flashlight for carrying
G2 RIP Ammo in Carry Gun
Krav Maga
RATS Tourniquet
$50 Chinese Optic on AR-15


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