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What’s interesting about this is that it relates a lot to the refrain:

“wOrKs fOr mE! i nEvEr hAd a pRobLeM!”

When you hear someone defend s–t holsters, meme-tier guns, and suboptimal practices.

For every guy who says their Kimber/Taurus/KelTec works perfectly, there are plenty of course AARs (when guns actually shot extensively) where those brands routinely s–t the bed when pushed past a box of ammo in a single session. 

For every guy who swears by their Uncle F–ker’s Nylon holster, I know plenty of stories of people who have had their gun fall out of said nylon holster.

For everyone who swears by the BLACKHAWK!SERPA holster, there is no shortage of NDs and parts failures…

For every guy who swears by Sticky Holsters andRemora Concealment and Security Products LLCthat they wear IWB, I’ve seen plenty of those same rigs left behind in bathrooms.

For every guy who swears by their Alien Gear Holsters or other trash Hybrid Holster, I’ve seen plenty of those same holster with broken clips when people actually had to defend their gun against another student trying to take their (training) gun from them. I’ve seen plenty of people muzzle themselves when holstering because the pressure of the belt is pushing the half kydex shell closed and they can’t see where their gun is because of the gun position the hybrid holster forces on them. 

For every guy who takes their gun off when driving and puts it back on when leaving the car, I know plenty of stories of people who forget their gun, shoot themselves when holstering while in the car, or get the cops called on them when someone freaks out after seeing them handling their gun.

You don’t have a problem until you do and then it’s a big f–king problem.